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What is a Knee Walker or Knee Wheelchair? And yes, you do need to know how to use a knee walker properly! While they give you great stability, they roll fast and have tight turning circles.

A knee walker is a 2-wheeled, 3-wheeled or 4-wheeled design that serves as an alternative to a traditional walker or crutches. It can also be called a knee walker, knee cruiser, knee scooter, knee caddy or orthopedic scooter.

These are 11 of our favorite 3 and 4 wheeler models which are well designed, tough and foldable!

The design has changed over the years from small-wheeled machines for indoor use to larger, stronger orthopedic scooters with larger wheels for use outdoors.

Modern rolling knee walkers are usually light and foldable by design such that they support the shin of the unusable limb when the knee is flexed.

Operating a Knee Wheelchair

In this article, we’re going to look at how to use a knee walker properly in-depth. We’ll discuss how to get the right posture, balance, speed, and stability. We’ll also touch on what surfaces they work best on.

Best Knee Walker Positioning

The best knee walker for you is one that fits properly while you stand. The handlebars are at the correct height and the cushion you rest your knee on is at the perfect height for your leg. Both these parts of the scooter are adjustable. When you are buying your chosen model, take a moment to check both are adjustable- the cheaper versions may not offer this functionality…

If you are specifically looking for a suitable 4 wheel medical scooter, these 5 brands and models are all recommended by the professionals

When learning how to use a knee scooter properly, your knee is best positioned when the leg with the injury rests comfortably on the center of the seat pad. Your other leg however, does the opposite by resting flat on the floor while your injury leg is resting on the seat cushion.
There are several types of knee scooter for sale so try them in this position until you find the perfect fit.

How To Use A Knee Scooters Handlebar Height…

The handlebars of the knee wheelchair are supposed to be in a vertical position for them to work. The height of the handlebars are usually adjustable. All the best knee walkers offer you adjustability. They can be pulled up higher or pushed down lower to fit your height. You don’t want to be scrunched over your model- this will only lead to sore backs and shoulders.

Most of them come with a knob which is on the handlebar’s tube. When you unscrew it, it loosens until you find the right height. You then screw it back into place and tighten it when you find your right fit.

Adjusting Knee Wheelchair’s Seat

The seat of the rolling knee walker has a lever which helps adjust it. This lever can be found right below the seat.
To lower the seat’s height or raise it, you have to hold on to the front firmly and pin it down. After that, you can flip the lever, or turn the screw, depending on the model, and loosen it.

The lever comes with a safety pin to keep it in place so you’ll have to remove that to adjust the knee wheelchair’s seat.

When you’re done, check to see if the lever is tight and secure.

Using Your Best Knee Walker

You can easily find any knee scooter for sale. What matters most is how you use it. Try using our guide on how to use a knee scooter and maintaining your knee wheelchair and you’ll be just fine.

The first step before using your rolling knee walker is to ensure your good foot, the knee of your foot with the injury and your hips are level with your lower back. To move forwards,  propel yourself only using your good foot to push yourself forwards. This is best to prevent further injury to the other already injured foot or knee.
You’re getting the hang of how to use a knee walker properly. I love this funny YouTube with the accompanying commentary from the husband on how his wife gets around…


Balancing on the Rolling Knee Walker

To balance properly on the knee scooter, lock in the brakes to hold yourself stable and prevent an accident. Then, place your knee on the seat cushion and level your body.
Once you feel good, release the brakes and use your good leg to propel the knee scooter and yourself forward. When you want to slow down, or you want to turn, push the handlebar and engage the brake so the knee walker slows down a little bit.

You will be amazed at just how fast these scooters can travel. They are fast and so easy to get around corners, objects and doors with ease.

Benefits of Best Knee Walker

The best knee walkers help you stay free from crutches.

Crutches really are  obsolete these days. They can cause further injury to your knee because you’ll keep using it. You can trip so easily when using crutches, they catch on raised protrusions, in doorways- anywhere! For people who have health issues such as arthritis, regular crutches are difficult to use on a daily basis. They can throw your whole body out of balance and strain it unnecessarily.

While using a knee scooter in your home, you’ll notice that you’ll be able to reach for higher things in cupboards, shelves and on the wall using both hands. And still remain stable- no hopping on one leg. You can put personal items, shopping, the iPad and things in the basket attached to the scooter handlebars, leaving your hands free to steer the scooter. This makes for greater ease of use compared to crutches.

Best Surfaces for Learning How To Use A Knee Walker Properly

The best knee walker out of all the knee walkers on the market will work on all surfaces. You can tell by looking at how sturdy the wheels are.
Also, read the descriptions in store or online to get more information about the benefits of the scooter model. Some knee scooters can work in the house as well as on footpaths, roads, in a grassed park and will easily work on escalators.

Here is an indepth guide on how to best use and care for your knee walker

Knee Scooter for Sale

You can get one of several knee scooter for sale through distributors nationwide or directly online. Knee walkers are not expensive and the price range can be between $100 and $400 depending on the quality of the metal and where you purchase it. When you first get your model, take some time to learn how to use a knee walker properly. They offer you great mobility and independence, and they are fast. You will be amazed and pleased how much of a benefit they are to your life when you need to use one. The kids can use it after you have finished with it…:)

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