5 Best Rollator Accessories That Make Your Life Easier!


Whether you use a walker, wheelchair or rollator, having the best rollator accessories can make getting around much easier. There are things you need or want when you’re out and about but it’s not always easy or convenient to try to tote everything you need with you, when you’re using a rollator.

Having your hands free to push your walker or rollator doesn’t always leave you the freedom to carry a drink or other necessities with you. Now you can, when you get one of these 5 awesome accessories for walkers and wheelchairs from cup holders to bags for walkers and wheelchairs.

These are the most popular 3 wheeler rollators and a choice of stable, easy to use 4 wheel medical scooters.


If you are thinking of buying a rolling walker, here are our tips on what to look for when buying walker

1) Drive Medical Light and Go Mobility Light

Lighting can be an issue in many different places and situations, including around your own home.

With the Drive Medical Light and Go Mobility Light, you can have extra light with you wherever you go and whenever you need it.

Stay safe and reduce the risk of slips and falls by lighting your pathway or room, or for any other reason you need a little extra light.


  • Easy to clamp on walker, rollator, wheelchair or cane
  • Foam grip makes it easy to hold as well as protects the unit
  • Comes with protective rubber boot
  • Has 3 bright, long-life LED lights for improved lighting
  • Motion and light-activated patented technology
  • Light weight – .25 pounds


2) Duro-Med Universal Beverage Cup Holder

With only two hands, how do you take your drink with you when your hands are busy pushing a walker, wheelchair or rollator? Without the proper accessory, you can’t unless you have someone to carry it for you, or you can get a cup holder for a rolling walker.

The Duro-Med Universal Cup Holder lets you take your beverage with you on your outings, easily and conveniently.


  •  Easily attaches to most rollators, walkers, wheelchairs and bedrails
  • Conveniently holds most container carrying 10 to 32 oz of fluid as well as standard and travel mugs
  • Mounts in three positions: Swing mount, horizontal and vertical


3) Flip-Up Cup Holder for Rolling Walkers

Stay hydrated wherever you go when you can conveniently bring your drink with you on outings, to the doctor’s office, even from room-to-room at home.

This is a great accessory for your walker, wheelchair and rollator that everyone who needs a hands-free drink holder should have.


  • Easy installation
  • Perfect accessory for any wheeled mobility product, including, wheelchairs, rollators, walkers, transport chairs, even bikes and strollers
  • Keep your drink at your fingertips and never leave home without it
  • Cup holder is designed to hold and secure a wide range of cup and drink sizes
  • Folds up when not in use to store away


4) Drive Nitro Cup Holder

Cup holders for rolling walker are handy to reduce spills and splashes which are all  part of trying to carry a drink with you when you’re using your rollator unless you have the right accessory to safely carry your drinks….

With the Drive Medical Nitro Rollator Cup Holder, you can attach the drink holder to any of the Nitro rollator family products and swivels to keep your drink level and secure.


  •  Mounts easily and tool-free
  • Fits all Drive Medical Nitro products
  • Holds cups securely and safely to avoid tips and spills
  • Strong, sturdy gripper for stay-put attachment


5) Nova Hanging Walker and Rollator Pouch

Carrying objects with you while using a mobility aid is difficult. Whether around you’re at home or out and about, walking aids make it difficult to hold the objects you need with you.

Reading glasses, books, medications or any other lightweight objects are cumbersome to carry. Bags for walkers and wheelchairs are clip on bags to make life much easier. The Nova walking pouch makes toting your belongings around with you easy when you use your rollator.


  •  Perfect pouch for toting light weight objects
  • Fits on all walkers, wheelchairs, rollators and transport chairs
  • Designed with 3 front pockets and a large main pocket that has a zipper closure with kit ring
  • Attaches securely with Velcro straps to the front crossbar of a walker or the backrest of chairs

 The 5 Best Rollator Accessories Makes You Safer, Adding A Level Of Ease

Having the best rollator accessories for your walking aid is important so that you have what you need and want with you all the time. There’s no reason to be inconvenienced when you need to use a walking aid by leaving what you need, behind when you can purchase the accessories for walkers, wheelchairs or rollator to take what you need, with you.

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