Which Is The Best Rollator Transport Chair?

what is best rollator transport chair for older people that is stable?

What can you use to help give you stability, support and balance if you are an older citizen, are not so stable with balance issues, or have been through a physical procedure and need temporary assistance? The designs of the best rollator transport chairs combines the useful features of safety, stability and security of a transport chair and a rollator walker in one. A walker wheelchair combo in short!

This means it can be used as a rollator walker when needed, but it can also be transformed into a transport chair complete with adjustable footrests.

This offers versatility to the user who may have changing needs. A well designed rollator transport chair provides for the many and changing needs of those who need mobility assistance.

These dual purpose rollator and transport chairs can be used as either device, depending on the need. Simply lift up the armrests, adjust the backrest and then lower the footrests into their place and it becomes a walker transport chair to use for transporting an individual

If you are looking for accessories for the walker such as a drink bottle holder or a snap on bag for storage, click here for ideas

Benefits of the Best Rollator Transport Chair

Transport Chair

Brand Name

Star Rating

More Details

Drive Medical Lightweight Rollator Transport Chair and Walker

4.6 / 5 Stars

Vive Rollator Wheelchair - Transport Walker Chair

4.4 / 5 Stars

Karman 19.8 lbs Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

4.5 / 5 Stars

Health Line 2 in 1 Rollator-Transport Chair w/Paded Seatrest, Reversible Backrest and Detachable Footrests

4.3 / 5 Stars

Lumex HybridLX Titanium Lightweight Rollator & Transport Wheelchair

4.6 / 5 Stars

Individuals have several options when using these rollator wheelchairs. First of all is the versatility of the rollator and transit chair combination, which allows for walking, sitting or riding as needed. It is easily adjusted between the rollator walker and the transport chair so that caregivers have no difficulties helping an individual with mobility. They are constructed using lightweight aluminum so that the frame is sturdy, but easy to transport.

They also fold up nicely for ease of storage and transporting between locations. These rollator and transit chair combinations are typically available in a variety of colors and include a warranty, typically for about 3 years depending on the manufacturer.

We’ve put together a great guide on the 5 different types of walkers here. Each type offers different benefits. It’s helpful to be aware of the different styles before buying one you are happy with.

A walker transport chair comes with all the conveniences of the rollator walker, such as hand grips and hand brakes. The seat of the walker converts to create a comfortable transport chair seat. This walker is versatile, convenient and easy to use, providing a great opportunity for individuals who need assistance with mobility

Features of Rollator Transport Chairs

As we look into these rollator transport chair reviews, we take a look what specific features make them so useful. Most of the units available have adjustable handles to accommodate a variety of heights comfortably.

No Tools Required

The best rollator transport chair combo’s also transform from a walker to a wheelchair without the need of any tools. This is important as you don’t want the hassle of finding tools…

Castors And Extra Accessories

Castors help with mobility in that they make the rollator easy to roll on a variety of surfaces including both indoor and outdoor locations.

Vital Independence- No One Wants To Lose That

Many come with additional accessories such as a removable pouch designed to allow the individual to carry extra items along with them. A dual purpose rollator and transport chair may mean the difference between being able to get out and about and having to stay home.

Which Rollator Chair is the Best?

With the many different brands and models available, it can be confusing to narrow down the choices as to which is the best rollator transport chair combo to suits personal needs. There are some top manufacturers offering a broad range of high quality rollator transport chair combos and each one can have unique features. Here is a comparison of the 3 top brands of rollator transport chair reviews.

1) Drive Medical Heavy Duty Transport Wheelchair with Swing Away Footrest




If you are looking for a good quality rollator transport chair combo, then we think this model will fit the bill with its many benefits.

The Drive Medical Heavy Duty Transport Wheelchair combines the combo of a transport chair and a walker in an easily transformable model. It switches easily between the 2 uses and folds up nicely for storing. People have commented on it how turns very easily in tight spots.

You don’t require any tools to transform it from a rollator walker to a rollator transport chair. Locking flip-up armrests and flip-down footrests are quickly moved into place within seconds to transform it into a transport chair

Benefits of  the Drive Rollator With Footrest:

  • Gives you safety and stability with large 12 inch rear wheels
  • Seat dimensions: 22.75”w x 22”
  • Available in Red
  • Weighs a manageable 36 lbs
  • Easy to use with flip-up armrests and flip-down footrests
  • Armrests and footrests remove easily for storage mode
  • Lock-out feature keeps you safe when seated, rollator walker won’t move
  • Adjustable handle height with 450 pound capacity limit

The lock-out feature on the folding frame make certain the unit stays open while in use and make sure the transport chair will stay folded during transport for.

The Drive Medical Rollator Chair is able to navigate uneven outdoor ground with ease if you prefer to use it as a rollator walker.

On the occasions when a caregiver may need to use it as a wheel chair and push you, all you do is simply lift the armrests, shift the backrest and click the footrest into place, and you are now ready to go shopping at the shopping mall or to the Dr’s appointment

Being relatively lightweight at 48 lbs, this rollator transport chair is light enough to be lifted in and out of the trunk of the car or the back seat.


2). VIVE Transport Rollator Easy Fold, Weight Capacity: 250 Pounds

This Vive Rollator Wheelchair provides an outstanding combination of being a lightweight rollator transport chair and walker. It easily transforms from one form to another for convenience and safety.

“The best rollator transport chair combo’s are easy to adjust, push button footrests lock onto the sides of the chair when you don’t need to use them. The detachable footrests swing up and away when you need to get out of the walker wheelchair combo”

Benefits of the Combo Rollator Transport Chair:

  • Allows you to safely ride in, rest on and walk with a 250 pound capacity limit
  •  Easily converts from a transport chair to walker
  • Nice large 8 inch wheels for a more comfortable ride
  • Lightweight enough to easily fold for storage and transporting
  • Detachable, swing away footrests keep you safe

The upholstery is black breathable nylon which will not show the dirt and is easy to clean.

The handles are adjustable to extend up or adjust down, depending on your height and feature comfortable, large hand brakes.

You can buy some useful accessories for this convertible walker wheelchair such as a convenient side carrying case where you can store your personal belongings, or a cup holder to hold your coffee cup or water bottle.


3). Karman Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Rollator Wheelchair

The Karman Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair is the perfect convertible walker wheel combination of a walker and a wheelchair in one. Weighing in at super lightweight of only 19.8lbs, the Karman Transport Chair has a Aircraft Grade T6 Aluminum frame making it one of the lightest weight chairs on the market. The finish is chip proof which prevents the paintwork getting damaged during transit, nice and easy to maintain. 

A nice safety feature if needed is the seat belt. This is a lap sash seat belt to stop people tipping out. Another added bonus which the first 2 transport chairs don’t include is a carry pocket on back to carry your personal items.

“Capable of carrying people up to 220 lbs, this rollator with a footrest features large 8 inch reinforced wheels, perfect for navigating uneven ground such as pebbles, uneven concrete or grass. The wheel lock for increased safety for both indoor and outdoor use”

Benefits of  the Karman Rollator Transport Chair:

  • Large wheels give a smooth ride, easy to push over rough ground
  • Seat size availability – 16″x17″ or 18″x17
  • Padded seat and backrest with built-in basket
  • Lightweight rollator transport chair with sturdy steel frame with weight capacity of 220 lbs
  • Wheel locks to ensure safety
  • Adjustable handle height

If you are concerned about safety, the brakes are the reliable, easy to use, loop style brakes which control speed and stop you instantly. When you are getting in and out of the chair, the foot rests can flip up or fold down and do not need to be removed from the walker for ease of use.

The rollator transport chair features a comfy padded backrest along with the push handle when you need to take a rest for a while. In case you need to take your personal belongings with you, a large and roomy wire basket has plenty of room to hold your personal items.

The handle height of the walker wheelchair combo is adjustable to suit the use.

Our Closing Thoughts On These Rollator Transport Chairs

Each of these walkers that converts to a wheelchair has its own unique features. It’s important to choose the best rollator transport chair that will meet the most pressing needs of those who need mobility assistance. One way to decide which one will be most suitable, is to workout the individuals specific needs and then choose the rollator transport chair accordingly.

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